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All tithes and donations to Covenant Life Church will go toward the work and ministry of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to fulfill the international vision of the house -- to fulfill the great commission and to be a covering and prophetic/apostolic center to raise, train and equip the Body of Christ to receive their fullness in the Spirit. In fulfillment of this vision, we provide prophetic/apostolic teaching, ministry, healing and deliverance.

We reserve the right to direct funds to the area of ministry most in need. No goods or services were provided, or their value was insignificant, or considered entirely of intangible religious benefits.



We welcome all tithes and offerings at the following services -- Sunday Service and Friday Night School of the Holy Spirit.  We also collect these, along with donations, during all conferences.  Feel free to reach out to any elders of the house to offer your donations.


Thank you!




To donate via postal mail, please send all donations in the form of a personal or business check to:  

P.O. Box 1262

Springfield, VA 22151

Make checks payable to:
Victory Church of Alexandria


Thank you!




To give easily via phone, please text (616) 326-3171 with your donation amount (e.g. $50 or 50, both work).


Thank you! 

DONATE via PayPal



For our easy and convenient way of paying tithes, and offerings, we partner with PayPal, one of the safest and most user-friendly ways to perform monetary transactions online.  Give it a try today! 


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DONATE via Credit/ACH



Give easily with credit, debit or ACH and check out options to set up recurring giving and track your giving throughout the year!  Give it a try today! 


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