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Vision: To be a prophetic/apostolic center that fulfills the Great Commission.

Mission: To love, evangelize, activate, deliver, equip and restore the Body of Christ to be overcomers and fulfill their destiny in Christ Jesus.

Victory Church Objectives:

1.  To evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ by all available means.

2.  To take spiritual ground for Jesus Christ & extend the kingdom of God.

3.  To bring the prophetic to all assigned regions of the world.

4.  To raise, train, and equip individuals to fulfill their ministry callings.

5.  To bring spiritual restoration to those who are lost, broken-hearted, without hope, blind, bound & captive.

Victory Church Provides...

1.  Prophetic ministry & instruction in the operation & activation in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and present day Five-Fold


2.  Spiritual Warfare and Praise Warfare Seminars;

3.  Ministerial Training in Prophetic/Five-Fold Church Government;

4.  Exhortation, Evangelizing, Pastoring, Preaching, Prophesying, & Teaching;

5.  Marriage Enrichment Seminars;

6.  Prophetic/Apostolic Conferences


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